Finding Resources

Making does not have to be expensive for the educator to incorporate it into the classroom or for a parent to bring it into the home. It can be relatively cheap–you just have to know where to look for.

You can basically make a makerspace at no cost at all.  Below are some great places to look for free or cheap materials to bring making to your classroom or home.

Unconventional Resources- Creative Capacity Building Handout_To Pass out after talk

Download the Unconventional Resources document.

Don’t just stop with the places above, here are more great places to visit in the Bay Area:

  • Building REsource
    • This San Francisco non-profit usually carries all different types of wood, tools, tumbled glass and ceramics
  • FabMo’s
    • A creative reuse center in Mountain View, CA that rescues design fabric, wood, tiles, wallpapers, leathers and trim

For smaller scale projects these are some great places and tips to great free or cheap materials:

Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other hardware stores

  • Look for scrap piles of  wood, usually located by the cutting area.
  • If you ask them nicely and tell them it’s for a kid’s project or you are an educator, they can cut the pieces of wood.
  • Ask to speak to the manager so you can setup a date to stop by and collect as much as you can from the scrap pile (of course, flash your educator badge).

Local Stores

  • Ask if you can collect some of the cardboard. They usually are willing to work with you to get rid of cardboard. I recommend setting up a specific day you will stop by (for example, the second Monday of the month).
  • Stop by after the holidays during their clearance sales and ask if you can have any of their leftover holiday theme items. Again, flash your educator badge, and most of the time they will give you items for free.

These are just a few places and tips to help you get into making without breaking your budget, and it is a great way to start exercising your creativity by looking for supplies in random places.


Our world is what we make it


About the Author


Maria Renteria, AmeriCorps VISTA 
Maria comes to us from the South Bay of Los Angeles. She has been a Maker since she can remember. She is excited to share this passion with Grass Valley Elementary students because she wants them to create their best memories of school through making like she did when she was little.